FREE Self-Defense Workshop in North Richland Hills, TX on Monday, June 12, 2023

Constitutional Carry & Self-Defense

How do Constitutional Carry laws affect YOUR RIGHT TO CARRY and to protect your innocent loved ones? First you must know how your state’s laws have changed & you MUST understand the conditions that need to be present to use ANY level of force. This FREE, LIVE class is taught by a USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor in North Richland Hills, TX

PLUS FREE Training Material with Attendance

"It’s the utmost importance to get training, I’m a big advocate for constitutional carry but I’m also a big advocate for getting training." - Colion Noir | Attorney & 2A Advocate*

*Disclaimer: While Colion is partnered with the USCCA, he will not be attending this event.

At this free event you'll learn:

  • Your state’s specific gun laws as it pertains to being a Constitutional Carry State.
  • When to fight and when NOT to (you must know what is “Reasonable Use of Force”)
  • The (4) things that must be true to legally justify the use of Deadly Force
  • You’ll understand how a Prosecutor evaluates a Self-Defense case so you can be legally prepared.
  • You’ll learn the steps you need to take to properly and justifiably defend yourself and loved ones.
  • Plus, there will be a LIVE Q&A with USCCA-Certified Instructors

Workshop DETAILS

This free workshop is sponsored by Delta Defense, service provider to the US Concealed Carry Association. The primary goal is to help students understand Legal Use of Force and learn when it’s justified to defend yourself and your loved ones.


  • FREE BONUS: Free Training Material with Attendance
  • Date: Monday, June 12, 2023
  • Time:  4:30 PM
  • USCCA Official Partner: GRITR Range
  • Location: - 7901 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
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